CAT-astrophe Prevention

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A whopping 58% of cat parents say that their cats HATE going to the vets (understandably!). A portion of that also admit to not taking their cats to the vets due to the increased stress it causes them. We are here with some Purr-fect Tips to help reduce their stress ⎯ And yours!

Break out the carrier

No, not right before trying to corral Fluffy in to take her to the vets. We are talking about bringing it out and leaving it out.

When you pack the carrier away before and after every visit to the clinic, your cat will associate it with fear and feel stress instantly every time the carrier comes into view. Leave the carrier out in the open in your home to allow your cat to explore the box on their own terms.

Place familiar blankets, towels and toys in the carrier

Just like humans, cats feel safer when surrounded by the familiar. By equipping the carrier with some of your cat’s favorite items, he or she will feel more at home and at ease. You can also place your cats meals as well as some treats in the carrier to show them that the carrier can just be a nice place to hang out and eat!

🐾PRO TIP: Purchase FELIWAY Spray for cats and spray the inside of your carrier for a targeted calming message to your cat. For more information visit: https://www.feliway.com/ca_en/Products/feliway-classic-spray

Keep your emotions in check

It can be just as upsetting and emotional for pet owners to watch their cats struggle and suffer through a vet appointment—but cats can pick up on that. If you are distressed, their own stress will also heighten, so do try to stay as calm as possible to set the right example. If you need, don’t be afraid to request the veterinarian perform shots or blood draws in a separate room if needles attribute to your stress and anxiety.

Request Some Sedation

Our veterinarians can prescribe an ‘Anti-CATastrophe Pack’ for our feline patients who are PAWsitively PETrified (oh the puns!) of coming to the vets. Using a 3 day series of calming nutraceuticals and a calming sedative pill 1 before the appointment, we can alleviate a good portion of your cat’s stress and anxiety for the day.


🐾 Your cat’s comfort is our top priority here at the Mildmay Veterinary Clinic. Despite the difficulties associated with taking your cat to the vet, the long term benefits of providing essential veterinary care far outweigh the stress of the process. Using these tips can help make it easier so we can all focus on keeping our cats healthy and happy! 🐾


🐾 For more information on cat behaviour or any of the topics discussed above, please don’t hesitate to call the clinic during our business hours and speak to one of our knowledgeable Vets or Vet Techs. 🐾


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