• Jan 30 2018

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    Pet Dental Health Month

             Imagine what your mouth would feel like if you never brushed your teeth or went to the dentist. For many dogs and cats, this is a…

  • Dec 27 2017

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    Pet Insurance

    IS IT WORTH IT? We are asked this question regularly and believe pet insurance IS worth it. We frequently see cases where clients and patients would have greatly benefited from…

  • Dec 12 2017

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    Christmas Time Hazards

    Every year during the holidays, pets and their owners need to make emergency visits to their local veterinary clinics for either injury or illness. Our staff put together a list...
  • Nov 16 2017

    ‘Tis the Season

    ‘Tis the Season for Abandoned Pets This holiday season, 3 pets will be abandoned every hour. They will be left at shelters, dumped on the roadside, or left somewhere rural…

  • Nov 16 2017

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    Senior Pets

    Senior Pets As veterinary medicine and dietary research has improved, so has the quality of our animals’ lives. This means that pets are living longer now than they ever have…

  • Nov 01 2017

    Unsafe Medications

    Dear loved and valued clients, This is a warning surrounding this (above) popular image that has been circulating social media. It is providing false and deadly information regarding ‘safe’ at…

  • Oct 19 2017

    Leptospirosis – What is it & Why Should I Care?

    Leptospirosis is found worldwide in not only wild animals but in domestic animals as well. It’s caused by infection with Leptospira bacteria, which can be found worldwide in soil and…

  • Sep 26 2017

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    Halloween and Your Pets

    Make sure the only scary thing this year is your costume, not your vet bill! The chief cause of the poisonings can be attributed directly to the readily available sweets…

  • Sep 12 2017

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    Baby Bunnies – To Take or Not to Take?

    Wild rabbits all over Grey County are having babies and more often than not, people aren’t quite sure what to do when they come across the cute nest of sleepy…

  • Aug 15 2017

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    Check the Chip!

    Thank you for celebrating Check the Chip Day with us! This event was created by the American Animal Hospital Association and the American Veterinary Medical Association with support from HomeAgain…