Getting a new puppy is exciting and nerve-racking all at the same time. You’ve been planning for weeks, months, and even years and now it’s finally time to bring home your new family member and best friend!

First up on your list of things to do should always be to bring your new pup to your preferred veterinarian for a wellness checkup. Even if their next vaccine booster is not due yet, and no matter what their background is (from a shelter, pet adoption/rescue group, or straight from the breeder), it is important to make sure that your pup is given a clean bill of health by your trusted and licensed veterinarian.

This is an excellent time to have all your questions answered, start a deworming schedule, apply flea prevention medications, and plan out your puppy’s next few vaccination visits. Often, reputable breeders will include a veterinary examination, usually within three days, on their contracts and should always be taken advantage of.

Not only are you making sure your puppy is well, you are also building a Client-Patient-Veterinarian relationship. Having your vet get to know your puppy well is the first step in making sure your pet receives the best healthcare possible. When your veterinarian knows what is normal behaviour for your dog, this helps them identify abnormal signs which could indicate illness. These wellness visits will continue throughout your dog’s life, in much the same way as many humans go in for annual checkups, even if they are feeling fine.

Lucy's 1st Visit

Meet Lucy! She is an 8 week old Rottweiler puppy who just became apart of our staff member Janessa’s family! Follow her on her very 1st puppy appointment with her new mom.

Only after receiving a clean bill of health will your puppy be able to be vaccinated. It is not ideal to introduce a vaccination into the body if there is an illness or infection as your puppy’s immune system is already working over-time! Lucy here was healthy but her next round of vaccines were not due just yet. Mom can have ease of mind now knowing her new fur baby is healthy and well. You can click the link here to read more about our Puppy Wellness Visits: