In-Clinic Services

The Mildmay Veterinary Clinic has the facilities to perform certain surgical procedures in-clinic. We also have 12 calf pens between two separate rooms to house sick calves in need of additional medical attention. 

On-Farm Services

Our large animal vets provide a wide range of services on farm including Herd Health programs, preg-checks, emergency surgeries, vaccinations, dehorning, offering sedation and monitoring for equine hoof trims, physical assessments and diagnoses, blood collection, etc. 

New Services!!

The Mildmay Veterinary Clinic is happy to be able to add mechanical teeth floating to our services we can provide! Unlike human teeth, the horse’s permanent teeth will continue to grow throughout his or her life – approximately three millimeters per year. This is a very important factor in dental care, because that growth (if it is uneven or uncontrolled), can cause ‘malocclusion’  or poor contact between upper and lower teeth. This can cause pain and eating difficulties. 

This procedure does require sedation.  Please call the clinic to book your on-farm appointment to have your horses’ teeth floated.