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Check the Chip!

By August 15, 2017 No Comments

Thank you for celebrating Check the Chip Day with us! This event was created by the American Animal Hospital Association and the American Veterinary Medical Association with support from HomeAgain to encourage pet owners to check their pet’s microchip information annually and keep it up-to-date. By doing this yearly you increase your pet’s chances of returning home if lost!


Pet owners:

Take advantage of this reminder:

  1. Make an appointment with your veterinarian for microchipping if your pet isn’t already microchipped (then make sure that your pet’s chip is immediately registered).
  2. Check your already-microchipped pet’s registration information in the microchip manufacturer’s database, and make sure it’s up-to-date with your current contact information.

Updating your pet’s microchip registration

To update your pet’s registration, you’ll need your pet’s microchip number. If you haven’t already created an account with the manufacturer, you’ll need to do that as well so you can access the registration in the future to update the information. Make sure that all of the information, particularly your phone number(s) and address, are correct.

There are many databases that allow you to register your pet’s microchip, but the one that really counts – the one that animal shelters and veterinarians will search – is the database maintained by the manufacturer of your pet’s microchip. AAHA’s Universal Microchip Look-Up Tool is linked to the registries of the majority of microchip manufacturers and allows a quick database search of any microchip made by these manufacturers. In addition, a number of public microchip registries have also been linked to the AAHA Universal Pet Microchip Lookup Tool to make it easier to find a microchip’s registration.

Call the clinic today to book a quick appointment with one of our technicians to get your cat or dog microchipped! We will help you fill out the paper work, and fax it right to the company, activating your account with them. From then on it is up to you to make sure you update the company with all your current information (addresses, phone numbers, owners of the pet, etc). For any more information, or if you have any questions, please call and speak to one of our staff, we would be happy to help! Let’s make sure they all get home safe!

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