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Christmas Time Hazards

By December 12, 2017 No Comments

Every year during the holidays, pets and their owners need to make emergency visits to their local veterinary clinics for either injury or illness. Our staff put together a list of some of the hazards your pets can get into during the holidays.


Tinsel can add extra glimmer and decor to your tree but it also adds hazards to your home. Cats (and the odd curious and mischievous dog) are attracted to the dangling, shiny bit of ribbon. It can get ingested and cause intussusception of your pets’ intestines. Intussusception is the sliding or telescoping of the intestine within itself. Complete or partial blockage of the intestines can also occur. Both these issues can cause vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, and inappetence (no wonder!). Blood supply to the affected portions of intestine can be cut off if left too long, causing them to become necrotic and needing to be excised. Exploratory surgery is almost certainly required in these cases.

Poinsettias, Lilies, Mistletoe & Holly

These festive Christmas plants look great around the house…out of reach from your pets! These plants are toxic to our furry family member if ingested causing symptoms like drooling, vomiting, and diarrhea. Lilies, being the most toxic, can cause acute kidney failure with just a few nibbles! Check all bouquets of flowers and wreaths received for these plants and put them high up where they cannot be reached! If you notice your pet displaying any of the signs and you know you have a toxic plant in your house, make a mental list of them all and call your vet ASAP!

Candles and Christmas Lights

We all know how much of a nuisance a cat can be when it starts knocking items off your counters and furniture. Always make sure that any lit candles are blown out when you aren’t near and are placed up high out of reach where your cat does not wander. Christmas lights and other decorations with cords can get chewed on and harm your pet. If you know your pet is going to chew at wires, make sure they are out of reach and lights aren’t placed low on the tree.

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